About the artist Jojo

The gallery exhibits works by JOJO (Yosef Ohayon) – an artist and designer who chose to live in Moshav Ein-Tamar, near the Dead Sea, and to create his works in the serene, powerful and enchanted desert. His works draw inspiration from a variety of origins, while combining Ethnical design approaches with contemporary and Western ones. Moreover, his works incorporate unique and innovative techniques. This combination instills his works with originality, as pieces that aim to stretch boundaries and seek new and surprising visual possibilities.

JOJO was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1958. During his childhood he absorbed an artistic atmosphere, since his father and brother reached high achievements in the mediums of painting and sculpture. Throughout the years, as a multi-disciplinary artist, he began experimenting with various materials: metals, wooden platforms, canvases, various colors and more. His works express bold vitality and human warmth, while deeply reflecting human hopes and dreams, aspiring to portray true beauty and harmony. They often incorporate human figures and images from nature. For example, the images of colorful pregnant women symbolize fertility and life-force; while the flower fields transmit bursting optimism, painted with strong vibrant colors that contradict the landscape of the desert, where the artist creates.

JOJO’s works are world-renowned. They are sold in Israel, the USA, Europe, Australia, China and more. They are exhibited in dozens of galleries in various places across the world. These works can be placed in private and public spaces, business places, large hotels and more. Their positioning often takes place in collaboration with architects and top-notch interior designers.