Abstract paintings

JOJO’s paintings are characterized by their original and expressive style. Their creation is spontaneous, quick, passionate, and therefore the final result transmits spontaneity, warmth, love and hope. These paintings are perpetually renewed, attuned to inner changes and to the experience of the moment.

JOJO creates abstract paintings that showcase his swift hand and enable an exuberant and captivating self-expression. Within these abstract compositions it is possible to distinguish patters of familiar shapes. For example, women figures, flowers, forms from nature and more. JOJO believes that simplicity holds great power, depth and life-force. His way of work doesn’t allow excessive thought or lingering, it rather portrays the power of immediate and direct expression. JOJO links his artistic practice to the tradition of Action Painting, which began with Abstract Expressionism. He uses splashes of acrylic paint – straight from the bottle and unto the canvas / wood / metal. The painting technique developed by JOJO, expresses his unique hand-signature, characterized by movement of round and vibrant lines.