Complementary Items

The motives that motivate the artist are repeated here as well in small and practical items for home designing. The most popular items amongst Jojo’s complementary items are the various shapes and models of the vases.

Playing differently with various shapes and long work days in the workshop have led Jojo to brilliant ideas such as:  Trays in the shape of a ram’s horn, metal baskets with shapes of birds, designed tall light fittings, fascinating infinitely colored flowers and metal statuettes in female forms etc.

*All items can be custom made to your personal taste.

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Various complementary items to your home
Basket of birds - Blue
Shofar trays at the living room
Colorful Alice flowers
Small Beta vase
Dancing Star of David - Glossy blue
Pomegranate - Red glossy finish
Colorful Alice flowers
Aphrodites in different sizes - Red glossy finish
Basket of birds - Brown finish
Three flowers sculpture - Red & Green finishes
Two small Shofar trays
Basket of birds - Red
Tray of birds - Green
Colorful Shofar trays
Basket of birds - Green finish
Shofar tray - Turquoise ceramic finish

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