Furniture by Jojo

JOJO’s colorful, optimist and imaginative world is reflected in the furniture he designs. The prominent pieces in this collection are his metal, iron or stainless steel arm-chairs. These arm-chairs are made with various techniques, while the most interesting method is the ‘water-pressure-inflation’ one.

This technique was discovered following a malfunction in a metal container that was used for agricultural purposes in Moshav Ein Tamar. The container was distorted as a result of an excessive water flow. This malfunction transformed into a discovery – a unique idea for furniture-making, characterized by intriguing shapes. His Yong iron arm-chair is the first of its kind; it is surprisingly comfortable thanks to its curves, created by the water-pressure.

With the use of this and other techniques, JOJO creates coffee tables, chairs and other diverse furniture pieces. At the end of the construction and welding step, some furniture undergoes oven painting, by using a semi-transparent color. Through the bright glaze it is possible to distinguish different color-tones, as well as natural blackened strips, generated by the heat of the welding. A variety of original creative methods turn the metal furniture into magnificent and courageous art-works.

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