Armchairs and Chairs

Jojo’s armchairs and Chairs are made from various metals – mostly iron and stainless steel. After the assembly and welding stage, the armchairs undergo a painting process in a kiln using semi-transparent color powders that Jojo imports especially from Italy. The various hues of the metal and natural blackened streaks created by the welding heat are distinguishable through the lustrous glazing.

While the chairs are produced using many unique methods, indubitably, the most interesting technique of all, is that of inflating with water pressure. what commenced as a hitch in the manufacture of an agricultural machine became the artist’s unique and inventive technique and a major factor in his entry into the world of design. Immediately after this “mishap,” Jojo designed the YONG armchair.  (Year 1998)

Jojo & Dganit on the Patchwork Armchair
Patchwork Armchair
Yong Armchair, red glossy finish
Love Bench, red glossy finish
Rock  Armchair
Patchwork Armchair with matching poof
Yong Armchair, blue glossy finish
King chair, blue glossy finish
Colorful Bar chairs
Bar chair, tuscan ceramic finish
Abstract Armchair
Rock Armchair,
Lotus Armchair, blue glossy finish
Rock Armchair, brown glossy finish
Patchwork Armchair
Costum Patchwork Armchair
Abstract Armchair at the gallery
Two seated Bench
Patchwork Armchair with matching poof
diferent models of Yong Armchair
Patchwork Armchair - Making of
King chair at livingroom

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The “Water prssure” technique enabled Jojo freedom of movement when designing his armchairs and full control over each choice made during the armchair “sculpture’ stage.  Jojo succeeds in upgrading the greatness of an artist for creating an item with the qualities of a particular material and converting it into unexpected, attractive, inviting and comfortable designer furniture.  The combination of a comfortable appearance of an inviting sofa and the metallic material from which it was produced is especially transferred successfully in the Rock armchair.

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