Patchwork Armchair

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This armchair is patterned with metal patches and is hand-made, welding and adding an additional part each time. Through continuous and assiduous manual work, patch by patch, the artist “sews” pieces of metal that, together, create a one-of-its-kind armchair onto a framework. This armchair is the most expensive item in the gallery in view of the tremendous investment in producing it. Indubitably, by purchasing such an armchair you will guarantee an especially exceptional matchless original designer item not to be found in any other home/office.

Once again, the artist’s ability is directed at converting rigid material into an especially flexible appearance. The patches, which are soldered onto the armchair’s frame, are reminiscent of  old armchairs/furniture in the style of designs that placed greater emphasis on the material and its color  While the glossy finish of the metal on the identically colored patches maintains our awareness of the fact that the armchair is made from metal, which,. all-in-all, is a rigid material with limited flexibility, the patches soldered to each other, “lighten” the material’s heavy appearance, imparting a perception that this armchair could just as easily have been mode from cloth and soft sponge Despite the material used to manufacture the armchair, it is useful and provides comfortable seating for all.


 L: 110cm / W: 70cm / H: 80cm


 Metallic finish (Glossy): 35Kg


 The Armchairs are made from iron and painted in a kiln.

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