Rock Armchair

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The ROCK armchair is an especially successful and comfortable item in the armchair collection. This armchair is designed using the water pressure technique. The armchair has the shape of a hewn rock positioned on delicate legs that impart it with a sense of hovering – The armrest is colored in shimmering brown or is of silvery stainless steel. This armchair has a special version for personal adaptation in which the legs are fuller, thus complementing the appearance of a natural armchair.

This armchair distinctly ill and imparting it with a flexible and elastic appearance, similarly to Salvador Dali’s achievement in the Liquid Clock paintings. The artist has great ability to convert the appearance of an object into something unexpected, of which we were unaware previously. Indubitably Jojo’s armchairs not only have an inviting and comfortable appearance; these are their true qualities and the Rock armchair is an excellent illustration of this

Dimensions: L: 110cm / W: 70cm / H: 80cm

Weight:  Metallic finish (Glossy): 20Kg

Finishing: The Rock armchair is made from Stainless steel and painted in a kiln.

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