Jojo’s famous metal vases, available in different models and finishes.

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Metal Vases

Jojo’s vases are characterized by a clean, elegant appearance, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources; from the changing and wavy movement of desert sand-dunes, or the classical shape of the female figure. Some of these vases were created in pairs, and it is possible to place them in different and interesting ways.

The placement of the vases in designated and lit niches provides a unique atmosphere to the space. Some of these vases can serve as standing lamps which include lampshades. Additionally, it is possible to combine an inner led-lighting in one of the models (Sahara). The variety of these vases reflects, in their own way, the vitality, colorfulness and spirit of renewal that characterize JOJO’s creations.

At the beginning of JOJO’s career, his large and unique vases were his trade-mark. Since his wife is a ceramic artist, he soon realized that it isn’t possible to make high clay vases, due to the limited space of the oven. Then, it occurred to him to create metal vases without the need to limit their height. This is how JOJO’s vase series began, while some of these vases rise beyond a two-meter height.

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