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Metal vases

The most popular items amongst Jojo’s complementary items are the various shapes and models of the vases A simple idea from his dreams, led to creating tall vases that reach up to a height of 185 cm. The artist’s inspiration from the female and body images is also noticeable in his various vases. The gentle curves and flowing contour lines of the vases are a metaphor for the sumptuous lines of the female body.

Jojo’s vases are designed in various sizes and colors from tall and large to short and broad vases. The tall vases can be used for a specific niche which the customer wishes to fill as well as for empty corners in the house in which placing a tall vase with a dominant color introduces much interest and colorfulness.

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Jojo is developing his series of vases and adds new models from time to time. Currently there are six models of vases. Each model is available in a selection of heights and in all the finishing options – metallic, ceramic and colorful abstract finishing. The newer models of vases – Venus and Stellar are usually exhibited as a pair of tall and short vases, the positioning of which opposite each other can be changed.

All the vases are made from durable strong metal and even the tallest and largest vases are not heavy to carry and can be easily moved from place to place. They are easy to clean and add color and interest.

The vases can be customized to the size and color you prefer. We would be happy to offer advice and personal simulation with the aid of a photograph of the intended space.

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