Yong Armchair

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This is the first item designed by Jojo at the commencement of his journey as an artist. In his past, Jojo was a farmer, who cultivated melons, flowers and peppers at Moshav Ein Tamar in the Sodom region. In 1999, Jojo took advantage of his technical skills and commenced constructing agricultural machines for sorting and washing melons. The metal tank that contained a large volume of water did not withstand the pressure and swelled into the shape of a large metal “cushion.” Thus, what commenced as a hitch in the manufacture of an agricultural machine, became the artist’s unique and inventive technique and a major factor in his entry into the world of design. At this point Jojo felt that he has the ability for unique and original expression. Immediately after the “mishap,” Jojo designed this armchair, made from iron with surprisingly comfortable seating because of the ergonomic curves created by the water pressure.


L: 70cm / W: 80cm / H: 100cm


 Metallic finish (Glossy): 25Kg


The Armchairs are made from iron and painted in a kiln.

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